MORE HATE: Copy protection

I spent 3 hours battling with deus ex's copy protection, trying multiple CD drives (5), updating motherboard drivers, reinstalling 20 odd times; each time I'd get a crash in what seemed to be a runtime generated dll. In the end I copied deusex.exe from the demo into the full game's folder, and all is working fine. But I note things:

1) Copy protection sucks ass. I bought my game legally, and it wouldn't let me use it.

2) The protection is laughably easy to circumvent, when you know how.

3) Pirated games tend to have copy protection cracked off.

So... buying legally brings punishment, and piracy is good. Thanks for the lesson, eidos / ion storm / sold out / whoever! I'll make sure to never pay for your products ever again! ^_^

2005-01-29 17:51:35 -0600
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