Moving to debian

The gentoo server became mysteriously full, which prompted me to finally move to debian... Some notes:

Gentoo's init scripts are way better, in more ways than I previously thought; eg, they exist at all (debian has no MRTG init script >:( ), they're configurable (debian has an equivalent of /etc/conf.d, but doesn't use it much) -- After lots of unsuccessful attempts at hacking "-D PHP4" into the apache init script, I ended up just rewriting my apache config. Also, whereas gentoo's init scripts say "doing something... " then "ok" or "failed", debian only has the first bit, often failing silently >:( And they still use numbered rather than named runlevels >:(

This is my setting up debian face, in a constant state of "nguuu.. UUHHH!!!! Ughhhhh....."... It's a visual representation of "WTF? I have to do this myself? Goddamnit I switched to apt to make things easier. Gah well, might as well get writing my own boot scripts, seeing as the package maintainer won't >:|"

(I really have had that expression on my face for the last 24 hours. Maybe also something to do with repeated banging of head on wall :/)

To compare:

Gentoo install / configure: 48+ hours / 2 hours

Debian install / configure: 30 mins / 6 hours (OF PAIN*) and counting...

And now php4-gd wants X installed >:(

And dhclient just overrode my hardcoded net config; I assume because it didn't let me set it up properly in the first place >:(

* the pain is terrible

2005-02-15 18:16:45 -0600
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