Ithil Returns, and Distractions

Ithil, the guy who beat the n00b out of me, has come to #forum-m all his footsteps, with my knowledgableness severely hampered by my slacker nature >_logically fallicious arguments, which he also introduced me to~~

On the slacker note; This thursday I was loaned one of four physics revision book by the teacher, on the condition that I use it and don't slack off as always. Also on thursday, GitS2: Man Machine Interface arrived. And I found myself entered into a programming competition, doing algorythm programming in C, with the entry exam this week -- I got 44% on the sample paper, with 50% being "you have a hope in hell"; I've been doing nothing but PHP websites for the past several months, so my logical C side has become rusty, and thus I've been up until 6am working through past papers to try and get back up to speed. Then there's psychology coursework, which has to be in in two weeks.

Of course, being more fun than revision, everything in the above paragraph has been subconciously priorotised above revising for in-school exams that are going on now. I am so fucked :(

2005-02-27 20:01:57 -0600
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