"Mmmm... Old..." vs "Mmmm...ould *vomit*"

Being forced through a full english roast dinner makes me realise just how much I dislike them -- It's come to the stage where I get full up just by looking at roast potatoes; having had them so often, my quota for them is full. On the other side is the english breakfast, of which I have yet to give up and leave any...

In a related incident, my love of chemically and genetically altered food has gone up another notch -- a while ago we had cheap bulk blackcurrant juice, of which I could make a bottle full, and be sipping from it for weeks. Now we have "more organic, fewer artificial preservatives" juice, and it goes mouldy after a few days -- of course, I only realised this after drinking it.

Now would probably be an appropriate time to rant about how GM food isn't Pure Evil(tm), but I really need to be getting on with psychology coursework, which I've just found out has to be in tomorrow rather than in two weeks time >_

2005-03-17 16:22:44 -0600
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