Viva La Radio! With less hate~

I've set up an icecast/ogg server with music database and web front end, so I (and anyone else, for that matter), can listen to my music collection from anywhere online \o/

ED for less hate> People fail at finding good software; Even when offering bittorrent / foobar / mplayer / firefox as replacements, most choose to stick with what they're using already. Even those who are willing to change keep needing me to poke them along, else they get slack and end up using bad things all over again :( Much as I could use psychology-fu to explain it, chalking it up to "people are morons" is much more efficient...

To explain why this has a point more than religious style evengialism - if people used decent software;

* I could be distributing my videos in mpeg4 or snow, saving 25-75% of the bandwidth used on videos, and having higher quality. As it is I need to use the bloated and ugly mpeg1, because that's all some people can play.

* With jpeg2000 I could further cut file sizes by 3-5 times, and have lossless mode for files worthy of it.

* With full alpha support I could have anti-aliased widgets, rather than the current indexed pngs, which are as jaggy as gifs.

* If people used IRC I wouldn't have to deal with the horrible mess that are IM networks.

* With any decent music player, I could be using ogg or flac to get a better filesize / quality ratio, and not be infringing on encoding patents.

* If people used firefox I could spend 5 minutes writing good code rather than spending hours breaking things to look right in IE, having to work round all the rendering bugs.

The common denominators are so low that they hurt, yet people are happy with them through stubbornness and ignorance. So sad :(

2005-05-03 14:20:25 -0500
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