Be Careful What You Wish For: Part I

A conversational summary, merely as background for part II:

o) Sister was watching internet TV

o) Mother requests computer for work

o) Sister refuses to get off despite good reason

o) Mother yells

o) Sister storms off in a hissy fit

o) I point out that maybe she's clinicly addicted; she gets very stressed when someone so much as suggests she leave the internet for a couple of minutes

o) Mother says maybe I'm addicted

o) I point out I'm quite willing to get off computers, when there's a good reason to

o) She tells me to, because she says so (no reason per se)

o) I ask for reason, and point out that I'm on the computer in the first place to look for university open days, as she told me to.

o) She tells me normal people go talk with friends and other such

o) I point out that that's what I do, via computer

o) She tells me to go outside, read a book, go shopping, do anything that doesn't involve a screen

o) I do exactly as she says (Part II details this)

... 6 hours later ...

o) I come home to find her crying about how worried she was about me, and she goes on about how I don't listen to her.

This being after I got off the computer, in the middle of something (I hate leaving in the middle of things), with the only reason being that she told me to, with the thing I was doing being something she told me to do, in order to do what she told me to.

With the incessant regular nagging over things where I've clearly and repeatedly said I've heard and will get to it ASAP, one wonders quite what's going on in her head that she still thinks I need to be told everything several times, and still thinks I don't do things when asked :|

2005-09-13 05:36:15 -0500
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