A Weird Dream

First I was in a generic modern city, which was being attacked by non-specific monsters, possibly something to do with a Matrix remake - Neo was there. In one shot he had two binoculars and when the camera went away and came back one was a gun.

Having evacuated the city, I was back home; my primary school playgroud to be precise. I did something I can't remember which involved standing up for a black man's rights, which got me kicked out of the community, and hence the community bomb shelter. Velociraptors then came, and a competition was held to see which outcast would be let in. The first question was "Find the magnitude of the vector (x, 50)", to which people complained one couldn't get a numeric answer to a question with variables. It was amended to "Find the magnitude of the vector (45, 50)", which I managed to get to 5 * vector(9, 10), before the raptors started arriving and I ran to a thin space behind some lockers where I hoped they couldn't reach. They did manage to surround me though, which is where the dream ended - I assume we all died soon after :/

This teaches me two things:

o) Standing up for people's rights and hence going against the majority in an emergency situation can be more trouble than it's worth

o) The magnitude of (45, 50) is 5*sqrt(181)

2005-09-27 17:23:48 -0500
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