The London Expo 2005B, and London

Another expo, much like the last. Bought more azudai manga, and a redundant second V5 of GitS. Photos.

Afterwards went to Madame Tussauds for the planetarium, but it turns out you have to go through *everything* to get to it. With 20 pound each and 2 hours of queueing, then having to wade through crowds of people wanting photos with the models, it was very borderline on being worth it; certainly not something I can be bothered to do again :/

Afterwards we went to the apple store and saw lots of expensive shiny things. The toilets were very expected -- clean white, with brushed metal accessories, and a very simple interface (only one button).

Then a quick stop to get lost in Harrods, amongst lots more expensive shiny (but less useful) things. They sold Hermes stuff, but I didn't see any cups :(

Then home, with the traditional going-to-london magazines, Edge and Wired~

2005-10-30 12:54:16 -0600
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