dreamhost /o/

Again with the lateness, I've finally gone and bought some external hosting -- the new server is at least 10x better than my self-hosted one in all respects, over 1000x in others. It's shared with a hundred odd other people, but so long as nobody wants all the power at once, it's hardly noticable~

Not only do they not suck, which puts them above most web hosts, they're also actively good -- their web based control panel actually makes a lot of things easier than going to the shell and doing it all by hand. Things that other hosts don't have at all (Subversion, Jabber, raw log access, unlimited subdomains, multiple shell / mail / ftp users, per-site bandwidth throttling, etc), they make no more than a couple of clicks away \o/

They also installed rrdtool at my whim (I do make extensive use of it, but they don't know that...), using what appears to be the ideal management system (Custom APT repository + bulk server-management tools). They also cite a couple of moral reasons amongst the many technical ones for being a linux-only host, and will match any customer's donations to their charities of the month :O

And last but not least, they have a sense of humour which matches mine <3

2006-04-26 13:19:44 -0500
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