Tickets are free! (for a reason!)

I went to see QI being filmed~ Humorous enough to make my face hurt, but still disappointing compared to expectations -- we had the worst luck with guests; the 3 random people were people I didn't know, and the regular (Alan Davies) decided he'd rather be off watching the football -_-

The warm-up act was good (this entry's title was one of his jokes), and it was a fun day out generally~

I also got marmalade boy vol 6 while I was in london, but still lack v7 -- it's been out of print for a few months :-/ I ordered it from amazon when they said they had it in stock, and they only just sent a mail saying actually they didn't, so I have to look for it elsewhere >:(

2006-05-18 01:44:58 -0500
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