Google Calendar: Full of Win and Awesome

Having tried mozilla calendar, evolution, and a couple of others, I found them all less efficient to work with than my phone calendar -- the only desktop calendar app I've seen which looks nice to work with being iCal, and that's OSX only D:

But lo; google have made something which looks (and I assume works) similarly to iCal, and it's OS independant \o/ That alone would only be enough to fill it with Awesome though. There is one last feature which I consider the most important thing ever -- it needs to be able to alert me to my appointments wherever I am, since I spend a lot of time not at my desktop. Google have this sorted though; entering a mobile phone number lets the calendar message me, and it seems free /o/

Although, it depends on me having a good enough signal to get SMS traffic D: I shall try anyway, since google calendar is so much more functional than the phone one that it may be worth it...

2006-10-04 04:22:22 -0500
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