London part 2: London Expo

The london expo was much like previous years, but as with LWE, it's getting noticably cheaper -- whereas a couple of years ago everyone in the queue was given a carrier bag full of free stuff (card games, DVDs, posters, magazines), this year we were allowed to pick up a tiny (8 pages of A7) short story and some flyers. And the short story sucked.

After an hour and a bit, we left to go to oriental city for food and gaming. They have a lovely system for serving many people -- there's a court about 50m square with bars all round the edge; each bar being plastered with photos of food; you tell the person what you want, and are given a ticket with a number; when the number comes up on the display above the bar, you go and pick up the food~

The food itself was lovely, although I fail at chopsticks. I was advised to go for medium spice on the basis that I was english; which was quite helpful, since it still managed to be painfully hot ;_;

2006-10-29 07:58:11 -0600
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