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3 meets, none blogged :O For background: KLUG is the kent linux user's group; a bunch of linux users who meet to talk about random things, and occasionally do something productive together.

Firstly: A brief social meet in The Old Bev, just down the road. Drinking was done, penguins were hugged, and talk was mostly about jobs in the industry~

Then: The day after was a more official meet, in Dover, in the port's immigration office. People actually brought computers to this one. Mostly talk was admin stuff, about what the LUG should be doing, how to be doing it, events we should travel to or run for ourselves, etc. There were also lightning talks; Mike did beer related analogies for various types of routing, a guy I don't know talked about working in a school, and Kitty did a very brief overview of the history of computing~

After the dover meet Mike, Kitty, Allen, and myself went to a local town for food and beer. On the way we also stopped off at The Bunker, a datacenter built inside an old RAF base. It seemed pretty deserted on the surface, except for the security guard + dog who appeared once we started poking about...

Recently: The Maidstone meet. Which was a lot like the Canterbury meet, except that we managed to get kicked out of two pubs in one evening... First was the society rooms(?), where we were told we weren't even allowed on the site without proof of age (and not any proof of age -- it had to be specifically a driver's licence or passport); then we moved to the druid's arms for pizza and beer. The meet carried on there quite happily for a couple of hours, until Kitty got fed up enough with people leaving the fire exit open (letting the cold in) that she slammed the door and exaggerated one of the cracks in the window... By that time most people were ready to leave anyway, so they did. A couple of us went to KFC while waiting for the train back, had one last conversation, then went our separate ways~

2007-02-10 15:43:51 -0600
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