Geek Sleepover~

2pm) Breakfast at the Corner Cafe. I was under the impression that breakfast came before work, whereas other people had been up since 10...

3pm) Garden work; I spent ~3 hours digging a trench. After I let go of the hoe, I stretched my fingers out, and was able to feel the layers of skin separating -- I now have some nasty looking blisters...

5pm) Barbecue; much eating of meat was done, and much setting things alight. Notably: bricks, plates, and petrol. Tea lights were also thrown into the fire -- the wax boiled pretty quickly, and then the aluminium melted into the ash... Also of note: the ash from yesterday's fire was still hot enough that Mike was able to start today's fire without matches \o/

Sometime between these two, I bet Mike a pint that it was Fahrenheit 451, not 423, and won \o/

11pm) Sharing tales of complaint letters; Mike, Kitty, and Wfk are really not the sort of customers one wants to be on the wrong side of...

1am) Misc geekery: Tales from the jargon file, and sharing of things that are sick and wrong; like storing 16 bytes of data in 8 bytes of memory, and "#define f(x) (x)++ - (x)++ ; a = 5; b = f(a)". I think it says something that pretty much all of these horrible hacks came from C...

5am) Bed

12pm) Awake. Mike asked me what you stick a golf ball on, and I answered v_v Then to The Goods Shed for locally produced meats, and to claim my pint~

12:30pm) Fryup for breakfast~

1pm) More gardening... Some slabs got laid, more trench was dug, and a bouncy ball was found \o/ Although the others then proceeded to one-up me by finding a small, unidentified body... Having finished, Mike asked me what the original Star Trek captain's middle inital was, and again, I answered v_v

5pm) Mid-term meal; traditional roast dinner. Yay for beefs~

11pm) Home~

During this time, I also spent pretty much every spare minute voluntarily washing up or hoovering; there is something very, very wrong when a teenage male student nerd walks into a house and says "dear god, this place needs cleaning..."

2007-02-18 11:16:42 -0600
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