Hay on Wye~

Oshi I never hit "post" :O

Thursday: Up early, get the train to Mike's. Wardriving to HoW we find ~300 APs, several open, many in the middle of nowhere... Arriving at HoW, we go exploring book shops. Back to camp late at night, to have chicken and mashed potato for dinner~

Friday: Woken by Mike flicking water over me -_- Mass bacon, sausage, beans and egg for breakfast. We spend the several hours driving through hills, getting jammed with 5-10 cars trying to move through a barely-single lane road... We finally arrive at the car park we were aiming for at about 6pm. I note a sign saying "car park closes at 7pm", so I ask "will we be back here within the hour?", to which kitty replies "yes". And thus we went off on the walk, along a long path, to a dam. The walk back was much like the walk there, but in reverse. When we get back to the car park, at 8:30, people discover that the gate is locked... After much shoving from most, and awesome driving from wfk, we ended up getting out along a small footpath, up a hill, over a bridge, through the pedestrian entrance...

Saturday: Wake up at some crazy hour in the morning, freezing cold. Given the choice of staying awake for a while and being woken later on by Mike, I stayed up, playing with my phone. After an hour or so's work, I managed to get VNC working on it \o/

Once other people were up, we went off to walk up Pen-y-Fan~ About a third of the way up, I noted that I was getting way ahead of everyone (except wfk, who was miles ahead of me o_o), so I decided to take a rock up with me, to make things more challenging... Two thirds of the way up we stopped for food, and my rock was noticed, to which most in the party questioned my sanity, and some made references to geogrophilia ._.; Most of the party ended up turning back at this point, as they needed to be back to pick up a new hire car; Jambo, Louise, and I carried on to the top, and round, and took a longer but flatter route back down, past a lake~

Sunday: I woke up at 5am, aching at every joint from the previous day's walk. I also needed the toilet very much. Being unable to get back to sleep, I went to the toilet, then spent all my 10p coins in the shower. After that it was still cold, and my joints were freezing up, so I ran some laps round the campsite. Then had tea and rice for breakfast.

Several hours later, other people got out of bed, and we went kayaking /o/ I found it quite enjoyable, and was the only kayaker who didn't fall over \o/

Once we got back we had a barbecue, with lots of meat.

Monday: More time was spent browsing book stores, then some of us split off to go open street mapping~

2007-04-20 11:29:18 -0500
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