To paraphrase:

[Kitty] fancy joining us for a pint?
[Shish] Sure, where are you?
[Kitty] Amsterdam. 
[Shish] OK, see you soon~

Friday: Bus /o/

Saturday: Get on the ferry at ~1am, spend all my english money on DDR and Time Crisis 3. On the european side of the bus jouney, cheese on a stick!

Get to wfk's place, sleep

Belgians arive. We all go wandering~ I note a mannequin with an interesting lack of clothes in a window, who then winks at me, and I realise I have arrived in the red light district ._.;;

More sleep

Go out for pizza & ice cream, except the pizza is some sort of pasty shaped thing. Wandering round, I note interestingly named shops, then we go to the pub /o/

Sunday: Out for a drink at a local brewery

Diving round places, finding windmills

Out for supper, made of icecream. The place we went into was geneally agreed to be far too upper class for us, and had the cutest waitress ever :3

Mon: Wake up, get on the train direct from Sloterdijk to Utrecht. Arrive at Amsterdam Central. Confused as to the meaning of "direct", I stay on the train until the next stop, Sloterdijk.

Of note is that the train stations over there lack in signs -- whereas in the UK you get a sign telling you where you are every few yards, theirs have one at each end of one platform; if you miss it, your next opportunity to find out if you're at the right station is when the train is leaving it out the other end...

Finally arriving in Utrecht, we go shopping; there are many interesting places, like this one, where they sell dresses and gundam models, amongst other nerd things /o/

Then home~

Tuesday: On the bus home I overhead some people speaking what seemed like a foreign language, then I noticed some English in a heavy Jamaican(?) accent; listening carefully, it seemed to have a lot of english, but it ways I didn't understand. Jive is real o_O?

2007-05-16 01:38:07 -0500
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