Auto-login & desktop setup

In further automation, I tired of logging in and opening and resizing xterms, so taking bits from the mythtv wiki, I set up my desktop to automatically log me in and start all my usual programs. Of particular note is xterm's "geometry" option, which allows you to set the position and size from the command line. Also useful is the "class" option, so that those of us with awesome window managers (enlightenment) can set them to remember position / stacking layer / border style / etc, and assign the remembered values to windows with set classes. For example, whenever I start a window with class "xterm_starter" (ie, by running "xterm -class xterm_starter"), enlightenment will notice it, shrink it, and move it to the corner of my screen, ready to start things from~

2007-06-01 16:44:29 -0500
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