Debconf 7.1: Travel

Travelling with each of us having our own body weight in computing gear was surprisingly smooth; starting from the first station where one of the station-dudes put up a ramp, and phoned ahead to the next station, it chained, until the second to last station, which had huge sets of stairs and no elevator /o\

Also on the train, I noted a teenage / very early 20s couple, with PSP in one hand and baby in the other, which made me ponder modern society D:

Much of the train time was spent attempting to sleep (having gone ~48 hours with only two 3-hour naps), and otherwise resting. Some of that was spent listening to the limited amount of music on my phone, which wouldn't be noteworthy, except for the irony* of listening to "The Sound of Silence" right before "Halo"...

(* sentance may not contain actual irony)

2007-06-10 07:24:09 -0500
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