Debconf 7.3: Updates

Things have been busy, and I've been lacking network access for much of it...

Debconf itself started a couple of days ago, talks so far have been interesting, and those I've missed should have been videoed (over my cables ^_^). Much pizza has been eaten (haggis pizza exists :3). Also I needed a walk, so I went up arthur's seat, a large hill / small mountain (250.5m) in the middle of the city.

Also, this uni is full of awesome ;___; Their student building has an arcade, a nice bar, a club which plays lovely musics; even the graffiti in the toilets is awesome (pictures pending upload).

In other news, I was a fool, and was fiddling with network settings on my desktop, while having no physical access -- and because I'd left most of it still configured for UKC, when I rebooted, it dropped off the net. After another reboot and some tcpdumping, I figured that it was trying to be online, as, on a lan. Thus I changed the router's IP to .50.2, logged in, started a screen with "sleep 30s && dhclient eth0", then logged out and reset the router to .1.1 \o/ (The actual story had more argh with things getting disconnected at odd times, but I forget the details).

Also of note is the reason behind network fiddling, which is strangely similar to the power cycling story from the jargon file -- I put the route config together such that it looked vaguely right, applied the rules, and bricked the box. I then look at the config, work it out carefully, understand exactly what's going on, reapply the rules, and it works perfectly ._.

2007-06-20 00:00:17 -0500
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