Our house is secure :|

Arriving home at ~2am, I figure I won't ring the bell and wake people up, it'd be better to get in quietly; so I open the front door with my key, to find that the door is chained in a way that can only be undone from the inside. And so, on to hunting down an emergency key to get in the back door. I stick the key in, and find that there's already a key there so I can't get in from outside. Then the garage -- I open it, but find that the inside door is also locked -_-. Then I climb the wall to get to the balcony door, also locked and only openable from inside...

Having failed at all possible locks, a new approach -- I get back to the garage, pick out some tools, and start forcibly removing the inside door. I get most of the way through the process, but grabbing the effective part of the opening mechanism and turning it from inside results in it falling out, leaving the door jammed in a locked state...

Then onto another door, which I start scratching at; after a few more minutes of failing, I get jumped by my dad, who (rather sensibly) thought I was a burglar >_<

Giggles were had, then I repaired the doors, and finally got to bed; thankful for parents with a sense of humour \o/

2007-08-19 03:44:48 -0500
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