It occurs to me that in all the time I've been here, I've never written about Dorris. The most probable reason is that I only met her recently.

Doris is my shopping partner; we walk around Sainsbury's together, and point things out to eachother. She'll say something like "ooh, look at them apples. Aren't they nice and shiny?", and I'll say "ooh, they really are. If I were here to shop for food I think I might get some~". Then walking past the cosmetics isle I'll find some new smelly soap and say "ooh, Dorris, have a sniff of this!", and she will, and she'll think it's lovely. "Never had that sort of thing when I were your age" she'll say.

We never arrange to meet, but she's always there ready to lend a hand, whenever I go to get something. She practically lives there, except that would be an inappropriate way of describing who passed away a few years ago. She died doing what she loved, smelling the scents of the fresh vegetables -- in her old age most of her senses had faded, but her sense of smell was as strong as ever. She was just walking along the fruit section one day when she fell, and never got back up... But enough of the depressing stuff. She's quite happy now; she gets to spend all day walking around, chatting to anyone who comes by, helping them to find the loveliest products, and learning about all the new ones as they come out. It's nice to have someone like that there, who really knows the shop inside out.

I asked how long she's planning on staying; "I don't know", she says, "but I've got a good few years in me yet". "Don't worry", she continued, "I shan't leave without saying goodbye to all my favourite shopping friends; just promise you'll come say goodbye if you leave first, y'hear?". I agreed, of course.

Alas, like all mortal shopping trips, this small description must come to an end~ If you want to know more about Dorris, you shall have to come and meet her for yourself; I'm sure she'll be glad to meet you, it'll be a lovely experience for you too ^_^

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