Dwarf Fortress

One of my dwarves suffered a crippling spinal injury while out hunting for food; he was carried home alive, but unconscious, and has since slipped into a coma with no signs of recovery, lasting a year so far.

If he wakes, he'll find that he has no living friends or family, and no legs to walk to the social room to make new ones; his entire life will consist of being spoon fed mushroom pulp by the nurses, slowly going insane, and dying of old age.

The alternative is to flood his room so that he drowns in his sleep.

What do I do? :S

(Incidentally, Dwarf Fortress is an incredible game -- possibly the only one I know of with enough detail and interacting elements in it for plot to emerge out of nowhere... (Nethack is perhaps a more detailed world, but the AI is pretty limited, with no scope for creating narration-worthy communities))

2009-12-24 20:01:46 -0600
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