Doing the time warp again

(Background: Braid is a game where you can do stuff, then rewind time and use your knowledge of the "future" to your advantage)

As far as I remember, I only briefly played Braid as a demo, on my own, a couple of years ago, and I skipped most of the levels for being a pain. But I have just spent the evening playing the full game, with Aoi (who I met this year) telling me how I solved the puzzles before, and how I got 100% completion on them. Then when she can't remember one level's solution, I think to myself "maybe I should look online", and she says "this is where you looked online last time... but you can't now because the internet has cut out"; then I went upstairs and checked, and it had o.o

I wonder which is weirder -- her being a magical girl with the power to see the future, or me actually having played a lot of Braid and then completely forgotten it...

I do kind of vaguely remember it, now that she tells me in detail what happened, but that in itself is weird as I was waiting for the linux release before buying -- and if we were watching a youtube run through just to see the plot, why does she know so much about the puzzles? Did we really go through the demo, then watch a full plot + puzzle run on youtube, she remembers every detail, and I don't remember it at all? o____o

A tangent on free will / determinism / many worlds -- apparently, I approached each puzzle in exactly the same way this time as I did when I was playing it the first time, as though this time /was/ my first time... This then makes me ponder the many worlds theory -- in one universe a coin flip lands heads, in another tails; but would it? As eeriely demonstrated, even with a system as complex as the human brain, given the same inputs you get the same outputs...

2010-12-21 11:35:02 -0600
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