Crash resistance <3

Graphics drivers lock up, but I don't want to reboot, or even log out / in again since I'm in the middle of stuff. What to do?

Ctrl-Alt-F1 to switch to console mode. Screen is black, as the drivers are still locked up; but pulseaudio has detected that my desktop login is no longer visible, so it mutes the sound from that session. That's pretty cool.

Blindly type in my username and password in the hope that I can log into a locked-up console. Turns out that firstly, I can (yay), and also, pulseaudio detects that I have a new session for the same user, and sends my desktop session's audio stream to the console session, so my music continues playing from where it left off (wtfawesome).

Then "killall -ABRT enlightenment" to kill my window manager - with most WMs, they'd just die and exit and I'd be at the login screen again, but Enlightenment is a desktop by coders for coders, and hence does something far more awesome -- pops up a message saying "Hey, E crashed, would you like to relaunch it and carry on?", to which I respond "yes", and it re-initialises the graphics stack and picks up all my still-running programs just as they were before the lockup.

Uptime \o/

2013-05-14 22:47:01 -0500
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