10 years of hibernation :O

Cleaning up my server in preparation for migration to new hardware; firstly I don't trust in-place upgrades so I'm getting everything running on a new Debian install and will then flip the DNS; secondly new hardware is 2x the CPU, RAM, and disk space for the same price.

I tried an in-place upgrade for my NAS, it appears that the software upgrade worked, but the storage controller took this moment to die and now all the hard drives are showing up as broken at once :/

Replacing a bunch of database-backed apps with static-file or sqlite-backed ones to simplify backups and management. Finally killing the wordpress install that I've been ignoring for years... Blog 5.0 is using Jekyll to render markdown files

Experimenting with github copilot for rewriting my python2 / web.py / postgres apps into python3 / flask / sqlite ones. Copilot seems pretty great, sometimes word-for-word writing exactly what I would have written myself.

Reading my old blog entries, a mixture of cringe and nostalgia, and so many dead links... Hopefully keeping my own site links for 10 years is decent enough and nobody will mind things shuffling around at this point. The RSS feed is still at the same URL though :3

2023-06-20 00:00:00 -0500
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