On the first week, with freshers

Fresher's Week has been packed, such that I've been either going out or sleeping since I got here. Food is nice when I can remember to get it in time, with breakfast being free and enough food to make me hurt for about £5.

Fresher's fair had lots of interesting societies; I've signed up to more mailing lists than I can remember. There've been lots of comp sci specific meetings too, the one I've just got back from had a guy from Sun showing off robots and LEDs, and we got free tshirts /o/

My hallmates are great so far, although there's a returning second year set to come today or tomorrow; A couple of us went to the on-campus club on wednesday to a disco, with Jenny Frost (who seems too famous for me to know) DJ-ing, and several other evenings have been spent having random philosophical conversations (everyone else in the hall is doing humanities subjects)~

2006-09-22 00:04:21 -0500
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