It's been over a month, and apathy over writing about it has killed my blogorhythm :|

The LBW itself was somewhat meh, with not a great deal of linux, touristy beer, and being far too hot for wandering.

One of the ferries had a tetris clone and pacman as the video game section; another had dropped the section entirely in favour of a perfume shop :(

Getting to greece, I found my maths class immediately useful, as I could pronounce many of the words :P

I found a benefit to being single: No worries about oggling hot waitresses \o/

Another ferry, another arcade... This one had tekken tag, where I spent several euros on the end boss -- she wouldn't die, even when I got her down to zero health repeatedly, and used an attack which should have removed a further 70% :-/ A kid who used paul's cheese punch to the max also failed... Much of the time in that arcade was spent hating children, who were hogging the cabinets and just playing with the controllers, not realising that you have to put money in...

On that same ferry, elsewhere, I practiced my scowls on the local children, hoping to incite displeasure. Having practiced enough, I then figured out how I could say "I take pleasure in the pain of your child" in mime~

San Candido was creepy when we arrived, being a skiing village out of season -- it was ~8pm when we arrived, and everything was dead. Kitty and Alex went looking for a tourist advice person, and weren't heard of again. The only humans around were two station staff, who seemed really happy to see some visitors. The only sound was a broken high voltage cable, like something from silent hill. A dog in the distance barked occasionally. There were lots of advertisements for the local meat...

San Marino and Liechtenstein were a couple of pretty awesome places, tiny countries on mountains. Lots of pretty views and sunsets~

The french metro system is very darwinian -- the gates are too small for any but the slimmest people, and anyone who's slow gets crushed...

I forget other things :S

2007-11-16 06:46:02 -0600
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