A very odd dream~

Running through super mario world, I get to the end, but someone has kidnapped baby Yoshi. Looking around, I see that this entire world is at the front of a lecture hall, and the kidnapper is a student, running out the back. I can't keep up, so I go to his seat and examine the things he left behind (a phone with some odd attachments). Other students yell at me for looking through the phone for information, claiming that he obviously left it in order to call in the ransom. I make a passing comment about the phone's power cable being plugged in, which a guy with a broken jaw takes as a personal insult. Ignoring that, I run out, to find my dad's car stolen.

Sometime later, we (not quite sure who my companions are, someone in a corset and skirt, didn't see the face, and someone else) see the car and get it to stop. We confront the people in it including a generic chav and chavette, Mr. T., and some guy. The chav says "that guy said he'd get us one cheap" (pointing to the other guy). Said guy starts calmly walking off and whistling innocently, so I pull him back.

Somehow we end up at dinner with him, discussing wtf is up. He claims to be part of Moof's international smuggling ring, dealing with ancient relics, nazi gold, etc. After explaining he gets a combat knife out; while I do manage to restrain him, the scene suddenly changes to the brazillian rainforest, just before a waterfall. The bodies of my dinner companions and I are in the water, which Renee (the cute agent from 24) is trying to recover. She's still wearing the same suit o_O

After all being thrown over the edge, we end up at the bottom of the basin, dead bodies floating above; she's noticed some old telephone poles with posters on, some of them advertising for a religious cult (Who I think saw Yoshi as the reincarnation of Jesus, and thus hired the smuggling ring to kidnap him). Having found this out, she tries to swim to the surface, but doesn't have the bouyancy. I try to share some air with her and drag her up, but it's not enough, and we both die.

Interpretations welcome XD

2009-02-13 09:28:28 -0600
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