Another couple of dreams

I was on a train at Amsterdam Sloterdijk, not intending to actually go anywhere; but then it started moving before I could get off. I figured I'd go to the first stop, get off, and take the first train back. It then turned out that this was a no-stop train to Russia, with none coming back for a month.

Thankfully, something went wrong, and we had to pull into a station in a snowy village in the middle of nowhere. Passengers were evacuated and sent to a mansion with N from Death Note and his arguing parents. N had a kitten, which mewed at most people, but when I came near it hugged my face. This showed that I was trustworthy, so N fixed our train and sent it back to Sloterdijk so I could get off \o/

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Sitting next to a cute girl in a lecture hall, our hands touched by accident. Rather than pull away, she presses hers closer; nothing obvious, but just a little closer than normal. I tentatively move my little finger over hers, thus the intention being obvious but she can still back out if she wants. She moves her hand further under mine and I move mine over hers until they're overlapping; our fingers interlock, and we're happy, knowing that we want to be together. Then we carry on quietly watching, nobody else in the room knowing what happened in our hearts ^_^

And then I woke up ;_______________;

2009-04-29 18:45:03 -0500
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